Garment Care

You have just purchased beautifully sustainable, designer lingerie. Ensuring that you appropriately wash your new pieces is paramount to the life of them. Below are some tips for washing!

-        Do not machine wash lingerie. 

-        Fill your sink or large bowl with lukewarm water (cold if dark colors) and a gentle detergent. Lightly agitate the pieces to distribute soap. If the lingerie is a dark color wash with cold water.

-        We recommend that you let your lingerie soak in the wash for 15-30 minutes.

-        Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and then squeeze the water out of your items. Do not wring the items.

-        Lay them flat to dry, hang or place on a drying rack so that they maintain their shape. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

**Items may include specific washing instructions on the tag. However, this is a good rule of thumb to follow.